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UPSs !!!
A win-win opportunity for you and your client. Many of Dash's VARs have discovered they can easily make good money by checking and replacing the batteries in their clients' UPSs. Dash supplies the same brand batteries that APC uses. Many clients don't bother to check their UPS batteries and don't find out that they need replacing until it is too late. Dash can also supply good, used APC UPSs, up to 6KVA, at a fraction of the price of new ones!

UPS Batteries:
Dash is a master distributor of BB-Batteries. BB's batteries are among the highest quality in the industry, much better than the majority of the brands in the market. And, importantly, BB is the cheapest battery you can buy, when you amortize the price over the longer life of the BB batteries. BB is one of the brands used by APC in their SmartUPS line and other professional UPS systems.

Dash can supply the batteries for our dealers to replace on-site, or Dash can replace the batteries and test/reprogram your old APC UPS and make it perform like new. Dash gets a shipment of batteries from the manufacturer every 6 weeks or so. You are guaranteed of getting fresh, high-quality batteries from Dash.
Zero-Footprint Computers
Dash now supplies a line of computers that can attach to the back of an LCD monitor using the industry-standard VESA mount provided on almost all monitors. This means that the computer takes up no desktop space. Intel provides a range of low-power CPUs for use in this form-factor, and Dash is using Intel motherboards with the new 6-series chipsets (61 and 67.)

The power is low, the noise is almost non-existent, yet the price/performance is comparable to larger desktops. Dealers tell us that this form-factor is great for banks, doctors, and most offices.

These small computers can be fitted with notebook WiFi cards and antennas. With wireless keyboard and mouse, a single power cable can be the only cable to the monitor/computer.
Network Cabling
Dash is now the Kansas City distributor for Structured Cable Products. We now stock their Cat5E and Cat6 PVC and plenum cabling that is UL-listed an ETL-certified. Our dealers have recognized this cable to be high-quality, with tough jackets. Prices are lower than most other Kansas City suppliers.

Check their website at www.scpcat5e.com Dash can order whatever cable or accessory that we don't already stock.