Two friends from across the ocean sent their wonderful projects for you to see. Barb and I love the changes they have made! It means a lot to us to see how others use our designs....especially when the sampler is used to honor or remember a loved one. We know you will love both of these too.
   I’m sending a picture of another little set I have made and it is the “Star & Tulip Pincushion” and “My  Pink House”, from the book With Needle & Thread. I thought they would look pretty to put them together in a stitcher-set. The case is lined inside with a homespun checked fabric. Included is a pocket with button and a felted heart for the scissors. The loose needles can also be stored on top of felted heart.
   I hope you like the finished little set.
Later in spring  I then send more picture for you.
Have a lovely day!

My best regards,
Anétte Hammarsten from Sweden  
Hi Alma,

   I did not find any email adress on your website so this is why I am going through this mail box. I was in love with your design: “Their song,” as soon as I saw it. But as soon as I saw it too, it reminded me of an old popular French song called : Le Temps des cerises or Cherry season.
I am French and my passed father used to sing this song very often. I inserted it on your lovely design which is perfect with the words....
You can see it here on my blog : http: //
You can even listen to the song too on the post I made.

The song says : When it is happy cherry times, singing nightingales and laughing blackbirds will have a party. Wasn't it the perfect translation for your design ?
I hope you don't mind me doing this, but it means so much to me..
Thanks for everything,
Veronique in Paris, France.
Feb. 5, 2008