Now that the holidays are over, I’m ready for something other than cookies. Well, maybe that really isn’t true....but one look at my hips and you will know it SHOULD be true.
  I’ve been thinking about hearts. Maybe it’s because Feb. 14th is quickly approaching. Or maybe it’s because I just like these heart shapes that I found in an antique cookie cutter.
  Several years ago I made a small appliquéd scrap quilt. The picture on the right shows a portion of it. The template for this quilt is yours to use. Just click the link below. The hearts are appliquéd on a 3-1/2” square. (This measurement includes a seam allowance.)
  Grab fabrics from your stash and make some heart blocks! If you appliqué 2 to 3 of these small blocks each day, you will have around 90 of these small blocks next month....enough for a cute quilt.
  On your mark, get set.....GO!  Send me some pictures when you have completed your project. We will post them here on the site.     Click here for PDF heart block template
Barb and I are going to travel to Brigham City, UT to teach this weekend. They’ve told us to pack warm clothing cause “baby it’s cold up there.” Barb and I don’t mind cold though. All the better for quilting.
Our projects are pictured to the left and below. Vintage pincushion, Posey purse and Patchwork Posey quilt. Hope to see you there!
Village Dry Goods
96 South Main Brigham City, Utah (435) 723-1315
Jan. 6, 2008