Gingerbread Party  Dec. 27, 2007
   I was so busy getting things done for the holiday I failed to post how to get those gingerbread houses together. I bet you did just fine without me though.
   These pictures below show my husband assembling the gingerbread houses with the glue-gun. I know this is not the conventional way of doing things....but what the heck. Hot-glue is much faster and easier. The kids can cover the glue with frosting later. He starts by using a square to glue the first first corner. Keeping things square avoids problems later. When gluing more parts in, it works better to put the glue on the new piece and then place it in position and hold it until the glue starts to stiffen.
    Josh and Molly brought their boys, Cole and Austin, for our party. Josh and my oldest son are long-time friends. One look at Cole's face, pictured above is enough to let you know:
      1. He’s on a sugar high.
      2. Every dime spent on candy and every minute   spent on making these houses is worth it!