Blackbird Designs books
published by
The Kansas City Star
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Women of Grace & Charm

   They were the unsung heroines of World War II - the women who built the planes, wrapped the bandages, nursed the wounded. Now their inspiring personal stories are combined with quilt work in this publication.  
  Each of the 12 quilt blocks feature a center star. The stars represent the service star that families placed in their windows to recognize sons and daughters in the armed forces.
  Fourteen projects are included in this book.
Celebration of American Life

  For generations, quilters have expressed symbolism in the patterns used in their quilts. We used some of these symbols to represent the values in life we cherish in the quilt blocks. Stories of local Kansas City women who exemplify these values were contributed by Jane Fifield Flynn. The pen and ink drawings of each woman was contributed by Sue Spade.  
  Ten projects are included in this book.